The Overwhelming SEO, Social Media and Blogging Puzzle

Over the years meeting with clients, their biggest complaint is the SEO, social media and blogging puzzle is so confusing and overwhelming. Not that it is too difficult to ultimately understand, but it just seems to be so over complicated.

We found a simplified way to keep track of all of the moving pieces. Now keep in mind, it does go layers deep but for the sake of the discussion, this is a simple way to see the connecting pieces.

Google or a search engine that you are using is basically a platform to ask a question, then the search engine will look for a matching answer. Those answers are for in varying website content relative to the question. For example, if you “ask” for an Italian restaurant in Wellington, Florida, most likely the search engine will list a website with information on their site speaking about Italian dishes served in a restaurant in Wellington, Florida.

We cannot necessarily always list every possibility in the content in our website, so that is where social media and blogs can play an important role. Blogging can be short and simple articles on one particle subject relative to your business or industry. So when people do research on that topic, your blog article could be one of the potential “answers”. Social media is a place to show your expertise in the industry and each day’s posting is a mini article relative to a subject and a potential “answer” as well.

So, you can consistently add content to your website via updated text, blog articles, etc. to help give your website more potential to be delivered as an “answer” to a searcher’s question.

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