Staying Relevant Is A Full Time Job

Have you ever had a customer tell you they will not be returning and you are shocked to hear it? Many times, we tend to take our customers for granted. We don’t mean to, but they seem happy, and seeming happy usually means no complaining, so we assume all is good.

How do we go the extra mile to ensure our customers don’t slip away? There are several ways, depending on your business or industry, but the best way to know you are on track is to ask yourself, are we staying relevant to our customers? If the answer is no, then make the necessary adjustments, because if you don’t, someone will swoop in and scoop up them right up.

Social media is an ideal place to stay relevant to your customers. By making consistent posts and being sure to remind them of your existence, you tend to stay relevant. For example, when making posts on Facebook, give them some value to your post. Don’t try to sell them – they are already fans! Remind them of your existence so when they are in need of you, they think of you right away.

In the example of a personal injury attorney, your customers won’t necessarily need you when you say so, it is more likely they need you at the most unexpected time. Providing helpful and expert tips, will make you memorable when the opportunity presents itself. For example, if you offer a checklist of what do to when in a car accident or the top 3 things to remember to do before leaving the scene, those are helpful tips so when they need it, you come to the forefront of their minds.

Additional easy ways to stay relevant is to send an e-newsletter with helpful information, send a “thank you for your business” card in the mail or just pick up the phone and tell them how much you appreciate their business.

These little things are quite time consuming and many times overlooked. However, think about the rewards you gain from making just a small effort. How worth is it to save just one customer per month, per week or per day? It continues to be about relationship building and you would most definitely make the time to call your friend to ensure the success of your relationship, so the same care should be taken with your customers, who are the lifeline of your business.

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