How much power can one person hold?

Many believe the voice of one is unheard. And in some cases that may be very true, but when it comes to networking, the voice of one can change the world.

We’ve already talked about “Charlie the magazine sales guy” who gives us a good example of how not to act. However, to be a leader takes courage, and the ability to be on an island of judgment, vulnerable to others and sometimes not in a positive light.

However, someone has to be the leader. The power of one has so much fire power weather naturally a leader or a follower. Here are a just a few examples of how you, just one, can make a world of difference:

Offer to help. Ask the question how you can help another professionally be successful. Sometimes it is an introduction to another professional that you know.

Be supportive. Commit to support others in their feat to success. The support of one person holds a huge value and creates a snowball effect.

Have a purpose. Be purposeful in your support and assistance. Purposely look for ways to provide guidance or assistance to others.

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